Wise Old Duck Technology Solutions provides a wide range of custom Internet solutions. Specialties include Facebook, iOS, and game development.

Wise Old Duck is:

Kevin Smith [Resume] [LinkedIn].

As a developing consultant, I will craft your ideas into the real thing with a rare combination of dedication and expertise.

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(visit games.wode.com)

In KaBauble, players arrange pieces strategically and then search for high-scoring words in three different modes of play.

Kidz Chores

(visit www.kidzchores.com)

Kidz' Chores invites families to come together for fun with a message of responsibility. Players customize avatars, parents assign chores, and kids complete them on a schedule to save up coins that they trade in for prizes.

Magic Crayon Conundrum

(visit crayon.ducker.org)

Players arrange crayons into clusters to create chains and clear the board in this colorful puzzle game. Different crayon types interact to create new colors and special bonuses.

Siege (Internet Chess Client)

(visit www.igamec.com)

Connect to popular servers and play this popular game in style. Amongst hundreds of features are per-channel chat, awesome pre-move functionality, and customization of different boards and pieces.